Coordination & organisation of all elements of the film production process from pre- to postproduction
Production of all TV and film genres (reports, features, documentaries …)
Location scouting and journalistic research
Bureau and editing suite in the city of Dar-es-Salaam with professional media equipment and good access to all routes to Tanzania, Zanzibar and all neighbouring countries
Contacts to & negotiations with:
- ministeries, institutions, civil and cultural organisations
- local counsellors, experts, interview partners, actors, artists and musicians
- professional Tanzanian media specialists (camera, camera assistance, sound, editing, production)
Translation services (interpreter) for Swahili, German, English, French, and local languages of East Africa
Organisation of transport and accomodation in Tanzania and neighbouring countries
Quick access to film permits, visas to neighbouring countries, clearing of customs matters
Secure storage for luggage and equipment, general travelling information, airport service

* Video cameras (SONY HDV DV-cam x1, Panasonic AG-DVX 100AE–full compact plus all accessories x 3)
* All Final Cut Editing Systems
* Editing and recording studios (2 rooms, each 30 m˛)
* SQN-4S Sound mixer (plus accessories) x 1
* Sony PVM 9020 ME Video-Monitor/MAC PRO 2.0 GH + Final cut–Pro 5.1
* Camera stand (Sachtler DV4) x 2
* QP470 Standard Boom 84–273 x 2
* A modern Pinnacle Editing System (plus all studio accessories)
* Internet access
* Guest room

We’ve got good contacts to local editing studios and media rental services for additional equipment.