REFERENCES for projects before 2003 see "FILMOGRAPHY"
TV spots for Tanzania Postal Bank (2007)
Lishe na Ukimwi” (2007), 30 min TV-documentary for Counsenuth,
Hexenjagd (witch-hunting) in Tansania” (2007), co-producer, 360°- Die GEO-Reportage, ARTE-TV documentary by Holger Riedel,
Radio&TV spots (since Jan. 2007) for TGNP (Tanzania Gender Networking Programme) and TAMWA (Tanzania Media Women’s Association)
Radio&TV spots (since Sept. 2006) for Utu Mwanamke Women’s Dignity Project
12 TV-spots on educational issues (since Sept. 2005) for HakiElimu, which is under the Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) that works to improve the lives of children (through Education)
local production partner (since 2003) for several German TV stations including ZDF, NDR, VOX-TV and ARD-Studio Nairobi
"Health Insurance Seminar" (2004) - documentary - GTZ, CHIC, TNCHF Media coverage (print & electronic including a 20 minutes documentary) for GTZ - Health Financing system - training workshop, in co-operation with the ministry of health
"Let's discuss about! ... (“Hebu Tuongee …") (June 2004 – April 2005), quarterly, 45 min TV-programme in co-operation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation for the National Television (TVT)
Femina, now FEMA - weekly talk show, 30min–DTV/Channel 10/CTN (since 2003), now ITV & Channel 5 on health and social issues for youth
"Oh wie schön ist Sansibar", (2003) – 30 min documentary, director: Birgit Virnich, ARD-Studio Nairobi
"VOX-Tours Tanzania" (2003) - travel magazine, 45 min – VOX-TV
"Humboldts Erben - Im Reich der Chagga" (2003) - documentary from Gisela Graichen, director: Peter Prestel, 42 min - ZDF
Germany and International
Terramedia GmbH, Munich
Bildersturm GmbH
ARD-Studio Nairobi
Deutsche Welle
GTZ (Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit, German Development Agency)
DEG (German Development Agency)
Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (German Development Fund)
Développement International Desjardins, Ottawa, Canada

DTV (private TV, Dar-es-Salaam Television)
Channel 10 (private TV, independent Tanzanian television)
TVT (public Tanzanian TV)
ITV (private TV, independent Tanzanian televistion)
Star TV (private TV)
ZIFF (Zanzibar Film Festival)
TACAIDS (Tanzanian Commission for AIDS Prevention)
Tanzanian Ministeries of Health, Information, Education, Sports and Culture
UNICEF Tanzania
National Development Corporation (NDC)