FILMOGRAPHY until 2002, for recent Tanzania-based projects see "REFERENCES"
1987 assistant director of „Drachenfutter“, feature film, director: Jan Schόtte (ZDF)
1992 assistant director of „Starkstrom“, feature film, director: Susanne Klippel (ZDF)
1994 A documentary “Ni mapenzi ya Mungu” (Es ist Gottes Wille) on HIV/AIDS in Africa (Tanzania) and the power of witchdoctors – for VOX-SZ-magazine TV-station (Germany) and ITV (Tanzania), by David Kyungu & Bernd Gerriets (see also
1996 A documentary ”Der Ruhrpott-Massai” on a multicultural life of an Massai-African who is living in both countries (Germany and Tanzania) - for VOX-SZ-magazine TV-Germany and ITV-Tanzania, by David Kyungu & Bernd Gerriets (see also
1997/98 director/producer of "Solarenergie fόr Ibungila-Tansania" TV-report (NDR Das!)
1999 director / producer of: „The great treasure chest for future kids – Tanzania“, ARD / ITV-Tanzania (under patronage of UNESCO and CLUB of ROME)
2000 Co-author of "Deutsche Welten - Afrikaner in Deutschland“, TV-report, director: Christel Schmidt (ZDF)
2001 Co-producer of "Cottonmoney oder die Globale Jeans" – Tanzania, a TV-documentary, director: Peter Heller (ARTE/ZDF)
2001 – 2002 author, director and producer of 10 TV-spots about HIV/AIDS for Tanzanian TV (ITV), sponsored by DEG (Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH)